Monday, September 15, 2003

Rem Koolhaas in Belgrade

September 2003

As an iconinc figure of both the international architectural elite and modern Dutch culture, Rem Koolhaas is world renowned for his international supremacy in the field of architecture and design, Mr. Koolhaas' lecture, organized and sponsored y Mikser, informed Belgrade audiences about current architectural practice in countries where architecture and design are given active roles in building better societies.

In addition to the presentation of Koolhaas' recent works, Serbian intellectuals from various professional fields had the opportunity to interact with our guest and his team in the form of a workshop. In this forum, MIKSER set up a public debate about burning issues rising from the process of reconstructing Serbia's identity on metropolitan, national and global levels.

Belgrade School Of Architecture (Lecture)
Yustat (Workshop)
Museum Of Contemporary Art (Workshop)
Ministry Of Defense (Performance: New Serbian Flag)
Ministry Of Culture And Media (Reception)
Royal Netherlands Embassy , Belgrade (Reception)
Absinthe (Mikser Party: Rem Is In The House)